Here are some of the pest species that we see more often in our line of work. We help that this list is valuable and that it will help you prevent pest infestations in your home or office.



Termites have colonies of about 300,000 individual pests. Their consumption is primarily based on wood and paper related product. This can be anything from books, to random pieces of wood in your house. When mating, termites lose their wings, so a great way to see if your house has been infested with this species is to look for their wings.

They can cause severe damage to your home, imagine 300,000 of them all at once eating up your doors… Not a good idea.

Carpenter Ants


Unlike termites, the carpenter ant isn’t part of colonies with multiple hundreds of thousands of ants. However, their average colony is composed of about 20,000 ants, which is still a pretty significant number.

They’re larger than most species of ants and have a very clear black coloring. Like termites, the carpenter ant also feeds off wood, which can be a big problem for any homeowner.

Bed Bugs


If there’s one thing you don’t want inside your bed, is bed bugs. They’re sometimes called vampires because their consumption is essentially based on blood, from different animals… including humans. They have an oval shape body and the color of their skin will vary depending on what they eat.

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