Pests by Kyo offers a few excellent options for residential treatment.

There are solutions on a contract term which can satisfy the homeowner’s need for preventative maintenance, and there are spot treatment plans that will rid the premise of existing infestations.

pesThere is also Kyo’s specialty of ridding the property of rodents and other animals in a humane fashion.

Kyo’s claim to fame is their ability to use the same natural products that Kyo used in Cypress to rid the islands of some of the most daunting pests.

If you have a bed bug infestation, there’s nothing more comforting than knowing that the bed bugs have been removed, once and for all, and that Kyo’s team has done the job using the best natural and organic treatment possible. Your family will sleep easy without bed bug bites! Even your pets and plants will love the Kyo organic and natural treatment.

For those residential customers who prefer to have a different approach, Kyo is licensed and certified to use only the best chemical blends. Their approach is simple: one visit is much better than ten visits, and a satisfied customer will call again.

Even if your pest control need is for pest removal, in the case of snakes, other reptiles, or invasive lawn species like moles, Kyo’s team has experience and great reviews. Customers refer Kyo again and again because they can arrive on time, and take care of the problem. Leaving no mess behind, Kyo’s agents will treat for termites, exterminate for fleas and ticks, and treat for other pests in a way that’s friendly to the environment.