When Kyo Gatour moved from Cypress in the 1990s, he worked hard driving a cab to support his family in their new home. London was strikingly different from Cyprus and his family did not adjust immediately.

But Kyo was a hard worker, and knew that the opportunity to make a better life for his wife and children lie in his ability to innovate and bring his cultural resources to the English.

While living in Cyprus, Kyo Gatour had been one of the most renowned pest control specialists

in the industry, called up far and wide to ensure that the homes, businesses and automobiles of the islands’ residents were free of bugs and other pests.

The specialist in bed bug removal, Kyo used natural preventative techniques to help supplement his removal process, and he was kept in steady business for a number of years.

Unfortunately, a family dispute led to Kyo’s removal from the pest control business, and ultimately to his departure from the island. His dedication to his work and his family made this a sad departure for Kyo, but he looked forward to settling his wife and three children in the UK for a new and even more profitable life.

In early 2000, Kyo finally had enough money saved up to start his own pest control business. He located outside of London, and made sure that his team of trained and professional pest control workers were properly ready to provide the highest levels of customer service.


For about twenty years, Kyo has operated the most successful pest control company in the United Kingdom, serving the most customers at the best price. His reviews are superior, and his technicians are consistently trained in the newest safety techniques.